Intermedix is leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of innovative scientific medical devices. The Italian company continually invests in the technological research, concerning the following branches: interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, hemodialysis and the several specialized surgeries; furthermore Intermedix offers a constant and opportune clinical-technical support and an after sales service to the customers.

Our Mission is to reach the customer satisfaction by high quality and continuous improvement of our products. This is why quality and customer orientation are fundamental values for us. The achievement of such goals is based on the professional competence of our personnel and it is supported both by our Twenty-Four-Seven technical support and by our countrywide sales network. Not by chance, every team’s success is the wise combination of each single member’s skills, efforts and passions.

Intermedix operates in a continuously changing field, then its sales agents are constantly updated in order to deepen their knowledge of the medical environment. This is mainly carried out by frequently attending the most important medical conferences and events, such as AANS, EURO PCR, SOTIC, SICT, AIIC, SICE, GISE, SEGI, SINCH, SICVE, GITIC, VEITH SYMPOSIUM.

We are exclusive distributorof products by CID Vascular, AS Medizintechnik and Endologix. Moreover, we developed the exclusive patent for a radial hemostasis device named FLOWSTOP®.

Our brand new headquarters, whose total area is about 2.000 m2, will feature a hi-tech Clean-Room to start the production of specialized kits for neurosurgery, interventional cardiology, Peripheral Vascular, ORL and Orthopedics. In addition, they include a congress hall for hosting medical events on a regional and national scale, three business meeting rooms and a showroom.

  • Registered headquarter:
    INTERMEDIX S.R.L., Via Piaggio Erasmo 27/A - 66100 Chieti (CH) Italia

About us

Born in 1990, Intermedix is an Italian company that operates in the development, manufacture and distribution of advanced technologies to provide innovative solutions in the medical specialist.

Where we operate

  • Marche
  • Abruzzo
  • Molise

Where are we

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